3 Reasons to Consider the Xerox Brenva HD Inkjet Press

See how Cardiff based McLays, a leading print provider over 200 years old, uses the Xerox Brenva to adopt inkjet in a cut-sheet environment.

John Santoli, global product manager for the Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press, sets out three of its great features:

Flexibility: The Xerox Brenva can load up to eight different paper drawers, handling stock weights from 60-220 gsm, and up to a B3 Plus sheet size

Reliability: Its iGen paper page has the mechanics built-in to ensure front-to-back and colour-to-colour registration.

Economics: The inline spectrophotometer automates the process of creating custom profiles making the Brenva economic to run.

With the Brenva Xerox is delivering cut-sheet economics with the flexibility and operational benefits of a digital production press.