Detailed Multichannel Print Management Case Study

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the impact of a new technology if you have not seen it in action.  This case study highlights how PremCom’s use of XMPie is winning them more valuable services above and beyond print.

PremCom used XMPie to improve the “Friends & Family” referral scheme run by Countrywide Mortgage Services. The scheme rewards customers who refer their services to friends and family with a £50 store e-voucher.

The old scheme was labour intensive, convoluted and laborious and referrers could be waiting 3 months to get their vouchers. Using XMPie, PremCom, a multichannel print management organisation based in Peterborough, UK, developed this integrated workflow to streamline the process.

And the results are in

  • Referrals have increased. 34% more new customers were referred to Countrywide in Feb 2017 vs. Feb 2016 and 114% more new customers were referred in Mar 2017 compared to Mar 2016.
  • The turnaround from submitting a referral to receiving a voucher has decreased from three months to two weeks.
  • The entire experience for the customer has improved.
  • The Mortgage Consultants have more confidence in the new system with a significant increase in the number of consultants now actively using the scheme.
  • PremCom is being asked to deliver more valuable projects and extra services above and beyond just print.
To explore how XMPie could work in your business, please give Gareth Brown a call on 01582 578 999.

For a full version of the case study click here