InkJet Early Adopters Report Measureable Results

Early adopters of Xerox’s inkjet technology say they are seeing measurable business results:

  • Increased page volumes
  • Savings resulting from printing on standard offset coated stocks
  • Faster turnaround on high-volume transactional print jobs.

The Xerox entry inkjet portfolio featured at the Hunkeler Innovation days in Switzerland this February includes:

Xerox’s lower cost systems are making inkjet more accessible and opening up new business opportunities for print providers.

Ramping up direct mail and transactional with Brenva HD

UK-based print, mail and digital communications provider McLays bought the Brenva HD to expand their direct mail and transactional applications. In the first month of production, page volume increased 15 percent, hitting up to 150,000 pages per day on peak days.

“We produced more than 1.5 million pages in January with Brenva HD and are confident that we can double that figure in the coming months as the machine moves into 24-hour print production,” said Gary Wheeler, direct manufacturing manager, McLays. “The press performs extremely well with low coverage, light tints and sharp black text, which are critical in our transactional business.”

Inkjet printing on standard offset coated stocks with High Fusion Ink and Trivor 2400

Belgium-based print provider, VPrint, wanted to add more personalization and quality to its large-volume direct mail business, without the cost of using speciality stock made for inkjet printing. The company has been testing the Trivor 2400 paired with High Fusion Ink.

“We wanted to print on standard offset coated stock, with offset quality and volume but with all the benefits of production inkjet,” said Thierry Ngoma, plant manager, VPrint. “So far High Fusion Ink and the Trivor 2400 are meeting our expectations – delivering brilliant colour, high speed and the savings from using standard offset coated stocks without the need for any pre or post treatment.”

Productivity boosts and multiple finishing options on Rialto 900

UK-based commercial printer Datagraphic has two Rialto 900 presses that produce time-critical, data-driven transactional print for enterprises across the public and private sectors. “We deliver daily communications, which often need to be printed and processed within hours and the Rialto 900 enables us to produce high-volume, same-day dispatches of business quality documents within a narrow timeframe,” said Robert Hoon, managing director, Datagraphic.