Xerox Introduces Over 600 Improvements to the Versant Range

The Xerox Versant 3100 and the 180 Digital Press replace the Versant 2100 and 120 respectively, with over 600 software and product enhancements over the previous version.

The range includes the Versant 180 Press, the 180 with Performance Package and the fully featured Versant 3100 Press.

The improvements are far-reaching, ranging from IQ, to the stacking of large format 660mm (3 x A4) stock; plus significant changes to the finishing, which can now make up to 30 sheet booklets in line, and a new two-sided trimmer, so with the Xerox Square Fold trimmer it can make professional looking full-bleed booklets.

The key to Versant 3100 is its advanced automation features, such as it full-width array that is fully automated to adjust back-to-back registration and colour calibration, saving the operator time.

The engine is driven by a choice of Digital Front Ends from EFI and Xerox which work seamless and everything from managing stocks to set up jobs as simple as possible.

To discuss how the new Versant range might fit your needs, please give a member of our team a call on 01582 578999.