3-Tier Service & Support System


Whether you want to improve the support levels from your current provider, become more efficient or increase the capacity of your existing operation, our proven 3-Tier service & support system can probably help.

The system has been developed whilst helping hundreds of companies get more out of their printing, mailing and finishing operations.

Learn more about each level of the 3-Tier Service and Support system by clicking the links below:

We provide a UK-wide, multi-vendor service and support and our engineers are able to ensure that your whole production line is working as efficiently as it should.

  • We prefer preventative maintenance to emergency breakdown repairs
  • We work on optimising the efficiency of your entire print-to-post production process
  • We train your staff to make faster change-overs and job set-up times
  • We work on optimising your overall efficiency to help you maximise profits
  • We provide skilled and experienced engineers who work to our high standards and best practice principals
If you’d like to discuss how our 3-Tier Service & Support might fit your business please call Gareth Brown on 01582 578999 or e-mail gbrown@continua.ltd.uk.